The Future of Hellenism in America Documentary

Greeks are no strangers to strange lands. Greeks have been settling across the globe for hundreds of years and establishing dedicated communities. Despite the hardships and challenges as immigrants, Greeks have settled in every state across America, and over the last 100 years, we have established over 600 active communities across the country.

The willingness and drive to keep our Greek culture alive through the years is evident with all the accomplishments that have taken place. We have established the only and first four year accredited Greek university, Hellenic College. There are hundreds of Greek societies across America that have hosted thousands of events and dances throughout the century.

There are currently over 40,000 Greek owned restaurants and concepts in the hospitality industry. For a minority culture in the U.S., we have made a bigger impact compared to minorities. According to major media, we have ranked as #1 in education as an ethnic group and #2 in wealth by ethnic group in the U.S.

Greeks have succeeded in every imaginable industry and profession.

But over the last 10 years we have begun to see a shift in the commitments and involvements of Greeks in their respective communities. As the current generations have become more assimilated to the challenges of everyday life, we are becoming more distant to our Greek heritage and culture. Attendance levels are declining rapidly at church services, annual dances, fundraising galas, festivals, Greek schools, etc. There is a constant struggle to recruit volunteers. Fundraising initiatives are struggling to meet their goals. Events are on the decline. We are becoming less engaging with all types of initiatives that relate to our Greek culture.

As the number of Greeks grow in numbers through the generations, we need to truly embrace technology to begin the revitalization of our heritage in America (and diaspora). We have to take a stance and act now or our heritage will just fade away.

We need to act now!